Registration is now OPEN! Please follow the link below to register for the conference:

EGAS 49 Registration

Please note that early registration closes on 1st May 2017 8th May 2017 (midnight UK time/GMT + 1)

To complete your registration smoothly we strongly suggest you follow the procedure below:

  1. Prepare the abstract for your contribution following the instructions here.
  2. Plan your travel to Durham and decide on your accommodation.
  3. Complete your online EGAS 49 registration by clicking here. You will be able to book university accommodation via the registration website.
  4. Submit your abstract via email to

Please note that it is not possible to save your progress through the registration page prior to submitting the registration form, so it is advisable to have all of your travel and payment information ready ahead of time.

If you have any questions/problems concerning the registration process please contact